Mr. Lidstone's Classroom

St. Patrick Fine Arts Elementary


• move from a simple view of land and sky to one that recognizes Earth as a sphere in motion within a larger universe

• explore the topics of seasonal cycles, phases of the Moon, and the apparent motion of stars

• observe, describe and interpret the movement of objects in the sky; and identify pattern and order in these movements

• learn to pose questions, devise investigations, recognize patterns and discrepancies, and think logically about what they have observed

• apply observation and inference skills to recognize and interpret patterns and to distinguish a specific pattern from a group of similar patterns

• apply knowledge of the properties and interactions of materials to the investigation and identification of a material sample

Some beginning questions for Evidence and Investigation

What is forensic evidence?

What is the difference between observation and inference?

What kinds of clues do people or animals leave behind?

What can footprints tell you about the person who left them?