Mr. Lidstone's Classroom

St. Patrick Fine Arts Elementary

Words of the Week

Every Monday, students will be given five important vocabulary words from core subjects. These are words we will be using in our studies and conversations. 

They are to learn the spelling of the words and research their meaning. 

Every Friday, there will be a spelling test where definitions are given and students must correctly recall and spell the term.

Important Outcomes for Language Arts 6:

  • Demonstrates note-taking skills for varied purposes (this is important in every subject).
  • Uses reference materials to locate needed information.
  • Plans, drafts, evaluates, revises and edits written work to improve content, organization, voice and word choice (take the time to get it right).
  • Writes logically and coherently for varied purposes (such as in an expository article - a piece of writing that explains something).
  • Discusses the power of figurative language in a text and writes and interprets poetic responses.
  • Communicates personal viewpoints in written persuasive responses.
  • Writes news articles.
  • Writes narrative stories.
  • Edits written work for correct structure, punctuation, grammar and spelling.
  • Reads, comprehends and/or summarizes grade-level text viewed or heard.