Mr. Lidstone's Classroom

St. Patrick Fine Arts Elementary

Air, Aerodynamics and Flight

Air and Aerodynamics

• describe the properties of air and the interactions of air with objects in flight

• study birds and airplanes and learn a variety of adaptations and designs that make flight possible and provide for propulsion and control


• develop a basic design, build it, test it, and solve the problems that inevitably arise

• learn, through teamwork, that planning, communication, cooperation and flexibility are important to the overall result— even though parts of a task can be worked on individually

Some beginning questions for Evidence and Investigation

What is forensic evidence?

What is the difference between observation and inference?

What kinds of clues do people or animals leave behind?

What can footprints tell you about the person who left them?

What is air?

What are some characteristics of air?

How does air behave?

How can machines fly? 

For animals that are able to fly, what parts help them fly?